Top 10 Spotify Playlists to Listen to While Studying

Dec 20, 2017 | [HEALTH]

Sometimes the right track gets you into just the right state of mind to solve that last problem after hours of homework. Sometimes the background noise is necessary to drown out the thoughts of the day and let yourself focus.  Either way, chill instrumental music is almost always a good addition to any modern workflow: studying, working out, working at the office, and so on.

Here, we take a look at some of the best Spotify playlists for getting into a deep focus mode.

Starting with number 1…
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Gentle Piano

Muted pianos played by pianists that make you question whether there are multiple piano tracks playing at the same time. Simple, elegant, noninvasive, with some really stand out tracks. This is a slow, quiet playlist that is certainly well equipped for some melancholy vibes.



Chill Jazz

If you’re looking for something smooth, come no further. This is an assortment of some of the most groovy, head swaying tracks out there.  These relaxed sounds can help you keep a cool head during your task, allowing you to get through your day one cool step at a time.

Space Piano

Space! This playlist sure has got a lot to offer. In a never-ending soundscape of voices and keys, these tracks offer distant and unique sounds that would hum well in any open minded workpace.



Instrumental Hip Hop

Heavy, innovative beats with some serious swing. A playlist to get down while you get done.  This lineup includes a lot of really classy tracks that consistently deliver jazzy riffs and juicy beats. Make sure to play this one on shuffle.



Ambient Spaceship

Looking for something closer to white noise? This hour-long spaceship sound is deep and consistent, and feels like an auditory anxiety blanket, with heavy, relaxing tones.  You’ll get used to this sound before you know it, and then you will miss it when it’s gone.

Chill EDM

Raver by night, soulless robot work machine by day? You might enjoy this playlist to make your day that much groovier. Light, tasteful tracks that create a chill yet stimulating environment. These tracks will keep your head bopping when your day is flopping.  

Instrumental Pop Covers

If you want to hear what’s new, but don’t want the lyrics while working, check this out. These covers are chilled out and are able to expand quite a bit on some of the most well known songs, even though they lack vocals.



This is: Mozart

The “Mozart Effect” is a reference to the results of a 1993 study that depicted the spatial reasoning skills of college students increasing a measurable amount after listening to Mozart. While this doesn’t mean that Mozart makes you smarter, Mozart is still such a pleasure to have on while engaging in critical thinking.

Spanish Guitar Instrumentals

Some of the most tasteful note choices within music are made by Spanish guitarists.  This playlist is a conglomeration of some beautifully arranged and executed pieces. Most of these tracks are pretty mellow but a few of them are upbeat.



Simple Piano

Crystal clear notes laid in perfect succession to create delicate and abstract melodies and riffs. These tracks leave plenty of headspace for thinking or reading. This playlist is pretty quiet and relaxed.