Acer R11 vs Asus Flip (2017)

Dec 19, 2017 | [REVIEW]

 A convertible laptop gives you the option of getting cozy with a tablet or getting some work done on your desktop.

The Chrome operating system makes this convenient technology affordable.

Here, we look at two of the best bang-for-your-buck convertible Chromebooks,

and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Double Down?

Both of these devices are relatively inexpensive in the world of laptops, but are nonetheless at certainly different price points.  The ASUS Flip is nearly twice the price of the Acer R11

Is the ASUS Flip able to provide enough practical value to make up for the price?

Besides price, what are the real differences?


Both laptops have modern age Solid State Drives, but the Acer R11 is pretty light with only 32 gigs. Those looking to utilize a lot of downloads or programs would be better suited investing the extra money in the ASUS Flip.


The screen of the ASUS Flip offers a higher resolution at the expense of size. This is a matter of personal preference; the Acer R11 offers size, the Asus Flip offers image quality.


With twice as many processors (both of which are faster) you will find the ASUS Flip running the same programs faster than the Acer R11.  This being said, both of these laptops are realatively light duty so this difference is minor.


One of the biggest differences between these laptops, and one of the biggest reasons to go for the ASUS Flip, is the build quality. The ASUS Flip is built with a premium feel, consisting of hard aluminum, while the Acer R11 largely consists of hardened plastic. Beyond the superficial, it is likely the ASUS Flip is also built with longer lasting components with a greater respect for longevity. With laptop build quality, you really get what you pay for.


Another big difference is the size factor of the laptops. While the Acer R11 does have a larger screen, many find this awkward and unusable in tablet mode. This results in a lot of users rarely taking advantage of the folding abilities of their laptop. The smaller screen of the ASUS Flip is a bonus in tablet mode, as it allows the device to be easily and comfortably held during use.

In Review

These laptops certainly have well-defined differences, yet are very similar. They are both well designed and have found great acceptance from the user population.  They are both compatible with a stylus, have a battery life of around 10 hours, and weigh about the same (even with the difference in size). The Acer R11 offers a HDMI port with standard USB ports, while the ASUS offers two USB-C ports and no HDMI.  This means the ASUS Flip will allow for faster data transfer, but won’t allow for an easy connection to a television screen without an adapter. It is also worth noting that neither of these laptops have upgradeable RAM or SSDs.

With all this in mind, is it worth it to pay the extra money and purchase the ASUS Flip?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking to get out of your laptop. If you aren’t planning on using your laptop for much more than everyday tasks such as Google and document editing, or using your laptop tablet mode very often, the Acer R11 is probably all you need. If you are planning on running something a little more resource intensive (just a little more), and are looking for a laptop that you are hoping to hang on to for a while, the ASUS Flip is worth the money.


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